Anveo is expanding

To meet growing demand from the many Anveo users in the Asia Pacific region Anveo has opened a new POP (Point of Presence),, in Hong Kong.

Located in IBM’s data center in Hong Kong the new POP has excellent networking connectivity across the region and thus significantly improves service response time for Anveo users in the Asia Pacific region.

To service the growing number of international customers Anveo expects to add POPs in Australia and South America by the end of 2014.

About Anveo
Anveo is an innovative high-tech company with headquarters located in the USA suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anveo offers the world’s most innovative communication platform for Voice and Data Integration services. Powerful, yet flexible and easy-to-use, Anveo is an elegant solution to today’s communication needs worldwide.

Anveo was founded by IT veteran and former rocket scientist Denis Chukhryaev in 2006 with a vision of building a communication platform with flexible interactive Voice and Data integration capabilities that can be used by anyone without the need for specific technical knowledge or infrastructure investment.

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