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Dear Partners,

****Warm Greetings from Versitel****

Versitel is a prominent VoIP service provider, having global reputation to deal with A-Z terminations monitoring our services 24/7.

We are offering the below CLI FAS FREE Routes from DIRECT SERVICE PROVIDERS.

-Israel fix CLI

-Mongolia all CLI

-Turkey Turkcell mobile, Turkey cities & Turkey fix CLI

-Benin all CLI

-Egypt Mobinil/Vodafone mobiles CLI 

-Iraq Korek mobile CLI

-Ivory Coast Moov mobile CLI

-Kazakhstan fix & Kazakhstan Kartel mobile CLI

-Libya Libyana mobile CLI

-Mauritius all CLI

-Morocco IM mobile & Morocco Meditel/Wana mobile CLI

-Niger all CLI

-Sierra Leone mobiles CLI

-South Africa MTN mobile CLI

-Sudan MTN/Zain mobiles & Sudan Sudatel mobile CLI

-Syria fix & Syria mobiles CLI

-Zambia Airtel mobile CLI

Please contact me on the below details with your targets & volume for test account.

Thanks & Regards,
Skype : jenny.versitel