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    Joseph Degarmo Palmar

    Dear Direct Routes Provider,

    This is Joseph Degarmo Palmar. Add me on Skype: live:joseph.palmar and send me your offer by

    American Call Shop Corporation is a fast developing prominent VoIP service solution provider located in USA, since 2009. It has the global reputation to deal with A – Z termination. We are looking for some good quality and stable non-cli routes and also dealing with millions of traffic on daily basis as well. Average traffic volume for everyday is 50k.
    If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know, we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.

    American Call Shop Corporation is looking for DIRECT IN COUNTRY NONCLI ROUTES PROVIDERS for given below destinations:

    Huge traffic for below African mention destinations/Routes:
    Nigeria, Morocco ,Sudan, Algeria , Senegal ,Kenya ,Tanzania ,Cameroon ,Burkina Faso , Benin, Togo, Tunisia , DR Congo , Zimbabwe , Mozambique , Madagascar, Sierra Leone , Egypt , Libya ,Ivory Coast , Gabon ,Congo ,Guinea ,Eritrea ,Somalia ,Ethiopia , Angola ,Ghana ,Uganda ,Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Gambia.

    Huge traffic for below mention European destinations/routes:
    Ukraine, Belarus ,Albania ,Romania ,Serbia ,Monaco ,Azerbaijan , Bulgaria ,Bosnia & Her :, Turkey ,Kazakhstan ,Macedonia

    Huge traffic for below mention Latin American Destinations/Routes:
    Peru , Venezuela ,Chile ,Guatemala , Ecuador ,Cuba ,Dominican Republic ,Honduras , Nicaragua ,El Salvador ,Costa Rica, Panama

    Huge traffic for below mention Asian Destinations/Routes:
    Afghanistan , Turkmenistan ,Bahrain, India, Indonesia , Iran ,Iraq ,Jordan ,Kazakhstan ,Kuwait ,Kyrgyzstan ,Laos , Lebanon ,Philippine ,Maldives ,Mongolia ,Nepal , Oman ,Saudi Arabia ,Sri Lanka ,Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates ,Uzbekistan ,Vietnam ,Yemen.

    ADD ME SKYPE> live:joseph.palmar & SEND OFFER BY
    Best Regards
    Joseph Degarmo Palmar
    Skype ID: live:joseph.palmar
    Company Profile :
    American Call Shop Corporation
    3401 57th street, 2nd floor
    Wood side, NY 11377
    Hot Line : 1-646-918-5145

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