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    Telecom income

    International premium rate numbers
    Telecom income has been trading since 2000, this year which is testament in our ability to both innovate and maintain strong ethical relationships with our customers and suppliers. The global tele media industry evolves every few years and to maximize opportunities be it in the Voice, SMS or Data space you need the right advice to maximize returns from your products and campaigns. Telecom income has the experience to provide this advice and the globally based staff to work in your preferred time band.
    Many markets use premium rate numbers as a convenient micro payment system that all potential customers can access from the convenience of their mobile or land line telephone. Telecom income is the global market leader, be it for a domestic PRS voice number, premium SMS or an international premium rate number.

    Headquarters are in the UK with offices in Australia, Auckland, Delhi and Hong Kong. We provide our clients with proven technical and global market experience as well as outstanding 24/7 customer support. Our experience and global audio text resources enable us to advise clients and facilitate new premium rate products. By providing a range of over vibe international premium termination rates, covering access from over among all countries, we are perfectly positioned to maximize your resources and assist in building your business worldwide.

    Our engineers can build premium rate and general audio text (audio text) applications quickly and efficiently or route calls to our clients’ premium rate platforms within minutes. Our online statistics provide the flexibility to follow and control your campaigns in real time. Contact a Telecom income representative today and find out how we can help you.

    Telecom income management team has collectively more experience than any other industry, having been involved since its inception back in the late 2000’s. We understand the importance of traffic, carrier stability and honest advice. We provide the most comprehensive selection of terminations, market rates and payment terms. Market conditions and opportunities are constantly changing so you need fast, up to the minute information on how to maximize your resource whichever country or time zone you are working from. Please speak to us on how we can work together.
    We understand the importance of control and monitoring your traffic real time. You’ll be provided with the best tools to view your traffic and control your revenues.

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