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    Jackson Poduski

    Dear Valued Providers

    Ray Corporation Ltd is registered under the company’s act 1985 in England. This company is formed to develop the communication industries and in IT Sectors with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Ray Corporation Ltd deals with A-Z wholesale termination and origination. Ray Corporation has list of partners which has VoIP companies from USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Initially it has started its journey by developing communication industries.

    Asia Zone:
    Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Syria, Egypt, Myanmar, Uzbekistan.

    American Zone:
    Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Haiti, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, El Salvador, Jamaica.

    Africa Zone:
    Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Gabon, Gambia, Morocco, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Togo, Tanzania, Zambia, Libya.

    Europe Zone:
    Germany, Italy, Poland, Chez Republic, Norway, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, UK.

    Jackson Poduski
    Ray Corporation Ltd.
    Skype ID: jackson.poduski
    E-Mail: sales3@ray-corporation.com

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