New business features released by Anveo

Call Parking and Attended Call Transfers

Both Call Parking and Attended Call Transfers fully support Anveo geo redundant infrastructure. For example a user connected to the POP in Canada can park a call and another user can pick up the call while connected to the POP in Hong Kong.

These 2 new features are available with Business subscription only and they can be activated by pressing #* for attended transfers and *01 to park a call on slot 1 and *11 to pickup a call from slot 1.

Anveo Whitelable/Reseller platform users are also able to add these 2 features into custom service packages and offer it to their customers.

SMS in Canada
Anveo now support 2 way SMS/Texting on Anveo phone numbers in Canada. Which means that users can now send and receive SMS/Text Messages in Canada using their Anveo phone numbers in Canada.

Extended Toll Free coverage
Toll Free phone numbers in Brazil are now available.

Infrastructure Update
A few days ago there was a 17 minutes networking outage at the data center in Dallas, TX. During that time the LCR (Least Cost Routing) node became unreachable which resulted in failed outgoing calls to external PSTN numbers. To address the issue Anveo have now deployed a second LCR node in their Canadian data center and all Anveo SBCs were reprovisioned to support automatic failover when communicating with Anveo LCR nodes.

Overall Anveo service reliability
Thanks to the geo redundant infrastructure with mutiple POPs and data centers across the world Anveo service availability over the last 18 months is 99.9997%.

Now all Anveo critical service components have N+1 (at least one extra for everything) and support fully automatic failover (Web Portal and Database instances both have hot standby instances but require special manual switch-over procedure). The latest addition of the second LCR node should bring the overall service availability very close to 99.9999%.

What is in the pipeline?

  • [Anveo Direct] Emergency Services in US and Canada on Anveo Direct platform
  • [Anveo Retail] New POP in Australia
  • [Anveo Direct + Anveo Retail] New interconnect with the local carrier in Australia to offer local call terminations with very low latency.

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