Power packed performance from Cloud/Dedicated servers with New generation Enterprise

Cloud and Dedicated servers that are backed with Enterprise grade SSDs (Solid State Drive) enabled by Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN) show a very noticeable improvement over their other counter parts. They help in making your servers excel in :-

• Better Performance of the Server
• Speed – Quicker data processing
• Improved Data protection and recovery

Yes….you might even re-consider having an extra layer of redundancy to ensure data recovery.

Why the above phenomenon?

RAIN Technology extends a solution to customers that do not require them to create datasets that need redundant safety drives and thus avoid additional data layers. SSDs are more robust than HDD solutions currently in use, however, as with all technologies, there is always a small chance to experience issues.

SO…. at Datasoft (http://www.datasoft.ws) We went ONE STEP AHEAD for our customers by backing our servers with SSD’s with RAIN which is that next layer within the SSD that provides our customers the peace of mind to implement solutions with fewer SSDs, yet still have existing HDD RAID protection levels.

How do you benefit?

Simple! Take our 5 day Free Trial at http://www.datasoft.ws and see the power packed performance of our servers for yourself!

We understand that getting an opportunity to try before you use…… is certainly a blessing. We welcome users who seek to ‘Test our servers and Try our other services’ for a limited trial period. We are happy to extend 5 Days free trial on all our Server Offerings and Services*. (Please note that add-ons and additional configuration options for existing accounts and additional accounts do not qualify for 5 days free Trial Offer)

YES, our CLOUDs offer RAIN technology and they don’t dry out! 

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