Speedflow releases exciting new MediaCore update

Speedflow is pleased to release the latest version of its innovative carrier-grade MediaCore Solution. The MediaCore rel. 4.4 is available from January 27, 2015.

As usual, the Release includes a wide range of new features as well as numerous upgrades and optimizations. Amongst the most important new components are:

  • Brand new reports for ‘live’ incoming / outgoing calls statistics
  • New DTMF methods options
  • New diagrams/graphs reports for voice and SMS services
  • Enhanced Responsive Web Interface
  • Extra fields in SMS reports (MCC / MNC reports)
  • Optimized Firewall Control

The optimization also includes other features. The MediaCore version 4.4 is designed to be the most convenient release yet.

The new release is available for the current MediaCore customers quickly and absolutely free of charge.

More detailed information about MediaCore v.4.4 is available on Speedflow web-site or by contacting the Speedflow Software Sales Department at software@speedflow.com.

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