PortaOne Shortens Development Time, Adds Market Value To Global Telco’s White-Label VoIP App

… world of SIP, making VoIP calls from smartphones with … builds and markets an affordable VoIP smartphone app for iOS … in building a full-featured VoIP smartphone app. It' … services, calling cards and wholesale VoIP, IPTV and residential triple-play, …
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Western New York Job Growth Continues as VoIP Supply Adds New…

… also help customers implement VoIP service solutions and … questions. Mathews has extensive VoIP and cloud experience … For additional information about VoIP Supply, call toll-free 800-398-8647, … everything you need for VoIP, VoIP Supply has grown rapidly …
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Mushroom Networks Adds VoIP Armor™ to its Truffle Broadband Bonding™ Network Appliance

… reliability of calls made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is getting wide adoption in … the reliability of the VoIP calls—still exists. VoIP Armor directly addresses … Internet access lines. VoIP Armor shields the VoIP traffic against any type …
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Anveo adds Pushover App

Pushover makes it easy to get real-time (push) notifications on your Android device, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop. Pushover App can be installed from www.pushover.net

Push Notifications are free on iPhone/iOS/Android platforms and they only require data connection.

This new Pushover integration feature brings many new options for Anveo customers.

  • Phone numbers can be configured to forward SMS/Text Messages to Pushover App at no extra cost (unlike forwarding as SMS/Text Message)
  • Anveo Online FAX can now send Alerts to Pushover App whenever a new FAX is received
  • Anveo can also send ‘New Voicemail’ Alerts to Pushover App and include Voicemail to Text transcription in the alert message.
  • Low Balance/Blocked Calls/SIP Status/E911 Alerts can be send to Pushover App

In addition Anveo Call Flow was also updated and now includes a brand new PUSHOVER widget so it is possible to send Pushover App alerts from anywhere in the call flow.

Pushover App integration is available on premium subscriptions (Starter package or up).

Anveo Resellers who use Anveo White-label platform can also add Pushover App integration to their service offerings.

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Anveo Direct adds new features

Anveo Direct (Anveo’s wholesale service) has added two new features to its outgoing call termination service.

  1. CDR report now includes trunk details used to deliver a call. This new feature allows Anveo Direct users to configure different trunks for their customers and use CDR reports to obtain usage on a per customer basis.

  2. A new configuration option to Anveo Direct LCR which controls how long Anveo Direct should wait for an underlying carrier to trigger a failover.

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