Speedflow Announces the Newest MediaCore and CallMax Releases

The Speedflow Team is pleased to announce the MediaCore and CallMax Upcoming Releases launch that is scheduled in September.
The new versions will contain improvements and brand new features such as:
In the MediaCore Solution:

  • A convenient Mobile web interface
  • Enhanced SMS module, including integration with MCC MNC table, SMS Dump, Financial Summary report, etc.
  • Updated invoicing and report generation mechanisms, etc

 In the CallMax Solution:

  • Multilevel reseller’s mechanism for corporate customers
  • Autodialing with prerecorded IVR.
  • Updated filtering in CDR, etc

The MediaCore and CallMax Upcoming Releases will be available end of September, 2014.
Our Speedflow team is attending various international exhibitions and conferences and you are welcome to review the updates and to see them in action. For more information on Speedflow Software Products please contact the Software Sales Team via software@speedflow.com.

About Speedflow
Speedflow, with head office in the UK, has focused on delivering quality services and products to the VoIP market since its inception in 2004. Our success in this field has resulted in an opportunity to service over 600 reliable customers varying from Tier-1 national and global carriers to ISPs, Corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers.

For VoIP providers we offer multifunctional software:

  • MediaCore – innovative VoIP Solution with switching, billing, SIP-H.323 convertor, transcoding and financial analysis features
  • CallMax – proprietary, innovative, multifunctional class 5 VoIP solution.
  • AccuCore – a complex accounting and financial analysis software for all VoIP business processes.
  • Pay-n-Get – turnkey solution for prepaid services sales. It’s a unique tool for selling top-up codes without using scratch cards which is very simple and handy. Pay-n-Get allows creating multi-level dealers networks and total control of all business processes.

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CallMax gets a brand-new release

One of Speedflow’s major aims is to constantly improve our Solutions to make our customers’ businesses easier to run and more profitable. We’ve consulted customer feedback and reviewed the industry as a whole to make our Products better. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce an update for the CallMax Platform. Available from 25th September, version 3.3 boasts countless major updates and additions.

The latest CallMax Release premieres a big development of the engine. A multilevel reseller’s mechanism has been introduced for corporate customers. Other major enhancements include the addition of autodialing with prerecorded IVR and updated filtering in CDR.

As always, Software Product Updates are free for Partners, ensuring the stability of our Service and the competitiveness of our customers.

You can find out more about our latest CallMax release by contacting our Software Sales Department by email, via software@speedflow.com

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