How to Check the ‘Level’ of Your VoIP Call

… scale opinion score for rating VoIP transmission quality. MOS scores can … a second standard for evaluating VoIP call quality, known as the … picture of how reliable the VoIP connections will be overall. There … three call quality challenges that VoIP faces when infrastructure is not …
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Check Your Plan to See If You’re Ready for Business VoIP

… , considering the opportunities in business VoIP to streamline communications and keep … the costs associated with on-premise VoIP infrastructure. Why not shift the … optimal success with your business VoIP implementation and operation. For one …
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Route providers can check our hot destinations…

Please accept our greetings from UK VOICE CALL LTD. We are looking for stable Non Cli and Cli routes for our A-Z live traffic. Below are our hot target destinations, so if you are a provider you can contact me with your Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements.

Guinea Bissau Mobile, CLI, 10K+ /day
Iraq Asia cell mobile, CLI, 40K/day
Iraq Korektel Mobile, 30K/day
Nepal NT Mobile, CLI, 100K+/day
Philippines Smart Mobile, 100K+/day
Serbia Fix all breakouts, 50K/day
Syria Fix, , 30%, 50K/day
Vietnam All Mobiles, 100K+/day

Thanks & Regards,

Barry Stout
Sales Executive
Corporate Office: 74 ordance road,
E16 4pj, Grater London, United Kingdom.
Skype: barry_uvc

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