we pay you for verification code( need thousands of codes daily)

Dear Partner:

we need bulk verification codes on around 5000 codes daily base depends on your country. any country will do except China.

Anybody has access to bulk verification code can contact us via email /skype : welltelecomltd@gmail.com

Well Telecom Co., Ltd.

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Support for Short Code SMS/Texting in USA is now live

Anveo keeps leading the way in VOIP innovations and becomes the first VOIP service provider to support Short Code SMS/Texting in USA. Most of Anveo phone numbers in USA can now receive messages from Short Codes as well as send them. Anveo SMS/Texting rate within US is just 1 cent per message for both sending and receiving.

Short Codes support allows Anveo users to receive SMS alerts from Financial Institutions (banks, brokerages etc), popular online service like Twitter, Skype or other services which use SMS Short Code.

Those who wish to try it can send a text SMS/Text message to CHANGE code and within seconds should get an automated reply.

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