2019 VoIP Market Forecast Looks at Mobile Future

… , Business VoIP Contributing Writer As we watch Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies … “Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market Forecast 2014-2019: Prospects for Mobile (mVoIP) vs. Static VoIP.” It … Visiongain spokesperson, “Since 2011, the VoIP market has changed drastically due …
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A very special offer from Future Nine

From today until December 9th, Future Nine are holding a very special offer. Here’s what you get:

  • First year of our Future 5 plan – free ($ 15 setup fee)
  • Second year and onwards – regular price ($ 5/mo)
  • If your situation requires E911 – $ 15 to cover the year

What does this include?

  • Up to 4000 domestic minutes a month (2000 incoming/2000 outgoing)
  • Phone number – order a new one or port an existing one in
  • Caller ID and Caller ID Name
  • BYOD, Purchase an ATA from us, or use our iPhone/Android app
  • Voicemail and other standard features
  • E911 available at additional cost

To sign up, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up at www.future-nine.com/A2BCustomer_UI/signup/ – choose the Future 5 plan at signup
  2. Add $ 15 to your account
  3. Order a new phone number, or port one in
  4. BYOD, or use the Order Adapter link to order one
  5. Optional: if you’d like to setup E911 – add another $ 15 to your account
  6. Use the Contact Support link to request setup and mention the “first year free” special

Terms and conditions:

  • Available for new accounts only. Existing accounts not eligible.
  • Residential usage only – business use not allowed on this plan.
  • All other terms in the Terms of Service apply.

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