One Horizon Group: 9 Million Chinese Downloads, Tech Evolution, And Startup Investing

… and markets its own mobile VoIP (voice over internet protocol – read: voice communications and … Horizon Group's Optimized VoIP Technology Used by Customer Roam … . While the actual One Horizon VoIP solution is branded in China … product roadmap for the mobile VoIP solution. I'll continue …
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Advantages of Investing in VoIP Phone System for Business

Dear Sir,

We provides an efficient technology oriented system with multiple routing qualities which saves one from unwanted telecommunication traffic. VoIP software is a highly integrated solution which provides efficient communication solutions for your business to boosts your margin from bottom to top.
In VoIP Phone System included Wholesale & Retail Module, Class 5 Softswitch, Integrated VoIP Billing, Calling Card System, Multilanguage option, Payment Reports and VoIP Mobile Dialer.

Features of VoIP Phone System:
• Wholesale & Retail VoIP
• Class 5 Softswitch
• Integrated VoIP Billing
• Calling Card System
• Multi Level Reseller
• Live Call Report
• VoIP Mobile Dialer (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)
• PC Softphone
• Mobile VoIP
• PIN & PIN Less Calling Card
• High Availability Architecture
• Pre-Integrated for Rapid Time to Market
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Strong Reseller Management
• Single Platform for Multiple Services
• Fully integrated and redundant wholesale and retail voip swith
• Account and user management
• Rate Management
• LCR & Gateway Management
• Billing Reports and Invoice management
• Call Origination & Termination under one platform
• Transparently protocol conversion
• Media servers update without interruption
• Multi-level permissions for user’s access to the system depending on user’s profile
• Live console
• Hourly traffic report
• User-friendly web interface
• Intelligent routing
• Multiple routing to same IP
• Active calls status

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