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We C4Switch offering Class4/5 VoIP switch:

VOS3000 – Billing/Invoicing, Anti-Hacking, Customized CDR, Admin Panel (Real time Traffic monitoring), Payment Alerts, VOS access from mobile/ Web interface, Trace routing, Brand logo.

Crystal Link – Carrier grade Licensed VoIP switch, LCR, Re-rating, Unlimited reseller, Auto billing and invoicing, Support all dialer, Highest CPS

Dedicated Server – Tailor made servers for VOIP service, 100% SLA and uptime guarantee.

Starting from $ 49

24/7/365 support
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Email: fizza@c4switch.com
Skype: fiza.cfors

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Leading voip wholesale and retail telecom

B47 Voice wholesale termination is our most aggressive offering where we provide several number of our routes to customers
at the lowest price possible. It has all our direct/indirect wholesale VoIP routes, our wholesale routes, direct suppliers,
mobile operators, TDM carriers. Our wholesale voice termination offers A to Z termination to carriers and service providers
that require broad coverage and minimal variation in quality. If you are seeking to improve your cost while getting high
levels of route stability, our solutions are the choice for your international voice business. Our A-Z terminations covers
over 1500+ routes. Our customers are mostly used by Providers who is offering Calling Card, Call shop, PC2Phone and
Callback Services requiring more aggressive rate our best possible quality. We also offer our services to wholesale VoIP
carriers, Tier 1, 2 & 3 carriers.

B47 Voice Wholesale Features:
Quick and easy interconnect
Flexible payment terms
Market-driven prices for international termination
Routing over direct and direct +1 or 2 providers to minimize ASR & ACD variations
High code coverage capacity enhances route stability
Optimal routing lineups ensure lowest possible cost structure for the market segment
Constant quality monitoring on of routes enables us to maintain quality standards while optimizing cost structure
Real time automatic route performance monitoring controls quality by removing under performing vendors
Latest market prices
LCR/Quality Routing
New routes and rates offered weekly
Highest focus on pricing at reliable quality for your international calls
24×7 support and Real-time monitoring of quality parameters, such as ACD, ASR and PDD
Carefully selected suppliers allows us to deliver FAS free routes

We offer 4 different wholesale products
The Standard plan is designed primarily for our cost-driven retail operators and resellers,
it features our direct and partner routes with A-Z coverage at our most aggressive pricing.
The Standard Plan combines extensive code coverage and advanced routing management to deliver
stable quality and great value routes.

Our Premium/CI routes offers quality direct coverage to fixed and mobile networks.
These routes are carefully chosen and actively managed by B47to meet stability, capacity and
voice quality demands of our retail operators at very competitive rates. The product is augmented
by our CLI routes providing a truly A-Z product.


Our Retail plan provides the highest quality A-Z voice termination, with higher-than-market-level
Average Call Duration (ACD) and Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR). Guaranteed CLI and roaming and lower-than-market
level Post Dial Delay (PDD) provide an exceptional service with the highest possible quality/price ratio.

Short Duration
B47 Voice short duration call service is geared towards outbound call centers, resellers, and agents
that accommodate call center traffic. Our short call service is a highly competitive offering for
businesses conducting high volume short duration calls.

If you are interested I our wholesale voice services, please send in your enquiry to

info@b47voice.com /sales@b47voice.com/handerson@b47voice.com/ tavidan@b47voice.com
SKYPE : Tim.avidan ; SKYPE : henryandersonb47

VoIP Forum | VoIP Providers | VoIP Services | VoIP Termination – Sell VoIP Minutes [Call Termination]