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Dear Valued Providers,
Greetings from Canada Call Shop!!!!
Canada Call Shop* is an unique* and unmatched Voice quality service provider all over the world* located in Hamilton, Canada . Canada Call Shop mostly deals with A-Z wholesale call termination with massive minute per day .We are the voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors.If you have any of this below destinations route to offer please contact with us.We can arrange good volume traffic as given below:
Currently Looking For The Following DIRECT Routes For Daily Live Traffic.

Afghanistan AWCC >>>100k
Afghnaistan MTN >>>30k
Afghnaistan Roshan >>>80k
Algeria Watynia >>>50k
Algeria Orascom >>>20k
Angola Unitel Mobile >>>100k

BD NCLI >>> 300k
BD IGW >>> 900k
Belarus MTS >>>50k
Burkina Faso All Mobile >>>50k

Chad Mobile Celtel >>>50k
Cameroon MTN >>>30k

Dr Of Congo All Mobile >>>50k
Dominician Republic >>>80k
Dominica >>>50k

Ethiopia All >>>100k
EL Salvador >>> 120k
Ecuador Mobile >>>30k
Eritrea Mobile >>> 20k
Ghana MTN >>>50k

Ghana Vodafone >>>40k
Ghana Airtel & Tigo >>>30k
Guetamala Comcel >>>50k
Guetamala Telefonica >>>30k
Gambia Mobile >>>50k

Haiti Digicel & Comcel >>>30k

Iraq Asiacell >>>150k
Iraq Korek >>>150k
Iraq Zain >>>100k
Indonesia Telkomcel >>>300k
Indonesia Telkomsel TDM >>> 100k

Jamaica Digicel Mobile >>>80k

Kenya Safaricom >>>80k

Mozambique Vodaocm >>> 50k
Morocco IAM >>>20k

Nigeria Etisalat & MTN >>>20k
Nicargua Telefonica Mobile >>>100k

Pakistan All CLI & NCLI >>>300k

Senegal Orange >>> 100k
Sudan Zain NCLI & CLI >>>100k
Saudi Arabia Mobile STC CLI >>>100k
Sri Lanka All Mobile >>>80k

Russia Mobile All >>> 100k

Turkey Fixed >>> 200k

Vietnam Fixed & NCLI All Mobile >>> 50k

If you have any other direct route please let us Know. And if you seem anykind of SBO & VPN issue, please let us know. We provide anykind of VOIP Solutions.

Thanks & Regards,
Xavier Fernandez || Canada Call Shop
Skype : Xavier.zachary.ccs
Email :

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