Urgently Need>>Morocco.Sudan.Algeria.Senegal.Russia.Albania .Turkey.Kazakhstan.Mali

Vtvoip Corporation is a wholesale VoIP telecommunication company of International Long Distance Voice registered in Cambridge, UK. We are looking urgently following direct non CLI routes with competitive rate for huge live traffic.

looking for those VoIP routes. Please offer your best routes to us;

150k to Uzbekistan,
50k Sudan zain,
100k vietnam,
50k Ghana,
Algeria 20k,
Ecuador 50k,
Niger 50k,
Turkey 50k,
Colombia 30k,
Kenya 30k,
Albania 30k,
Slovenia 20k,
Iraq 30k,
Iran 40k
Thailand 100k,
Ethopia 500k,

Apart from those we can send almost A to Z traffic to you. Please send your best offer at sales3@vtvoip.com.

Best whishes From

Carissa Reddish
Relationships Manager
e-mail: sales3@vtvoip.com
Skype: Carissa.sales3
Telephone: +44-7035903076
Eastbrook, Shaftesbury Road Cambridge, UK
Professional Website : http://vtvoip.com/index.html

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Urgently Need>>Morocco.Sudan.Algeria.Senegal.Russia.Albania .Turkey.Kazakhstan.Mali

Dear Valued Provider

Tele2call LLC established and registered in USA.This company is formed to develop the communication industries with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Tele2call LLC Deal with A-Z termination and origination.Tele2call is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors.
we are looking quality,stable and direct non cli routes. we have huge live traffic for A to Z non cli route.

Best regard
Eric Scofield
Business development manager
Company name: Tele2call LLC
skype ID: eric.tele2call
mail ID: sales4@tele2call.com

Web: http://tele2call.com/
Company Address:1007 Hartmont RD,Catonsville,Maryland 21228,USA.
Business Phone: +1(443) 743 8899

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