Telecrest seeks non cli Cuba routes for steady retail and wholesale traffic

Telecrest is looking for gateway operators and resellers of non-cli cuba routes. We have a steady supply of both retail and wholesale traffic to suite routes of all qualities and stabilities. We prefer to work directly with gateway operators and can lend our support on the technical side as well as commercial.

Based in New York, our organization has been in operation since 2003 and
is comprised of an agile group of professionals with 70+ years of
accumulated experience in Telecommunications. We specialize in providing
quality, international termination to Prepaid Calling Cards, Pinless
Operators, MVNOs and ITSPs. Our network of vendors include gateway
operators and small terminators that value our relationship due to our
flexible terms, prompt payments, ready volumes of traffic and 24 hr
availability to our support and sales.


Lisa Florens
Telecrest, Inc.

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