There is new VoIP gateway for integration TDM and IP network on the telecommunication market – TERRATEL SIP/E1 Gateway.

It is used for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs. TERRATEL SIP/E1 Gateway is used in various options of interfacing VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks to convert E1 streams to Ethernet. It provides signaling conversion between SS7, ISDN, PRI, CAS, V5.2 and Ethernet as well as media data transfer between PSTN an IP networks.

Product Specification Summary

  • 16x E1 streams, 2x Ethernet ports, 1x RS-232 port
  • Signaling and control protocols:
    PSTN – SS7, DSS1, R2D, CAS, V5.2
  • The following services are provided in 480 channels occupied at a time:
    G.711/G.723/G.729 compression
    Fax – fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay
    DTMF – RFC2833, SIP INFO, RFC 2976
  • Power Supply:
    Voltage – 12V (+/-20%) / 60V (+/-20%) / AC 220V
    Power consumption: max. 20W
  • Call routing over all directions
  • Signaling and SIP settings detailing

Structurally, the device module SIP/E1 Gateway designed for horizontal installation in 19th shelf. The device localized in 1U corpus. 

Switching units provide the following functions:

  • Full access switching of any digital channel with any digital channel (load of 1 Erlang)
  • Converting signaling protocols of each of 480 digital channels separately in any PCM digital stream to SIP, RTP, RTCP G.711, G.723,G.729, fax – fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay, DTMF – RFC2833, SIP INFO, RFC 2976
  • Analyzing translated (transmitted) digits with automatic selection (generation) of outgoing communications directions
  • Modifying in all possible ways digits of a number for both the call source and call destination
  • Routing in digital streams

Switching units support the following signaling protocols:

  • Decade dialing
  • Pulse shuttle
  • Pulse packet
  • R2 protocol
  • DSS1 protocol
  • V5.2 protocol
  • SS7 (SS7 signaling system)
  • SIP (VoIP protocol)

The product software supports connection over HTTP (web interface) that can be used to: 

  • Configure stream switching directions
  • Set up switching parameters
  • Create a backup / restore from a backup for configurations of the product and main software 

To operate the web interface you can use any web browser.

WEB interface
The web interface of the product supports 2 types of user accounts – Administrator and User. Description of rights for each type of the account as well as the method of changing the name and password are provided below in the manual.

Configuration menu item allows to get access to the control web interface forms that can be used to set up SIP/E1 Gateway product and save data in the product configuration file. This menu item contains the following subitems: dialplans, modifiers, routes, SIP Accounts, Е1 Links, signaling profiles, SS7 configurations, V5.2 Configurations, E1 Port Settings, users and device settings.

Generally you can easily change all parameters. 
The best advantage is price, because it’s less than competitors have.
So the same function, but low price – the best choice.

Article submitted by Olga Reznikova

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