The Revolutionizing Entry of VoIP

Ever since the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system has come into the picture, it is evolving on a frequent basis and has almost revolutionized the communication system. VoIP has come up as a windfall to most of the businesses, whether big or small, bringing them numerous benefits at one time. While cheaper services cannot be ensured for excellence or efficacy, VoIP is one such service that is cheap as well as effective. Both small and large businesses are enjoying the compelling benefits of this new form of communication system, which costs them less, while offering a multitude of features.

A traditional or conventional phone system has completely been overshadowed by this new technology that works over IP. Why and how? Because, a conventional phone system would ask one to stay in one place, say office, to get in touch with his clients. It would cost a good amount for installation and maintenance too. However, a VoIP system will cost less to anyone, be it an individual or a company, and most of all, would allow for mobility. When you have the facility of a VoIP system and internet, it will not matter if you are in the office, at home or at CCD (Café Coffee Day). Since, you will have the freedom and convenience to access internet and make any urgent calls you need to.

Is that what all VoIP has to offer? Well, of course, not. There are various other advantages of VoIP, comprising high-quality sound, real-time conversation, video calling or conferencing, and so on.

But, many small businesses are too conscious to get these solutions for the fear that the sound quality may be inferior or it might not be easy to operate and will cost high. By way of this article, I would love to take pleasure in ensuring that VoIP will save you time and money, while boosting your productivity. You can make the call while working and therefore, can make notes while on the call.

Progress so Far

When newly introduced in 1995 by a few hobbyists, VoIP demanded both the parties to stay connected to a computer. Even the sound quality used to be a bit inferior and above all, it meant inflexibility. As years have passed and evolution has taken place, VoIP is now operable on standard or smart phones. It was in 1998 when an IP switching facility was introduced by three IP switch manufacturers. Earlier, the service providers were limited in number, but realizing the increased benefits and high scope in this field, this count is continuously growing with the number of features of the technology augmenting as well.

With the passage of time, there has been a tremendous improvement in the sound quality too. Most of the businesses that have completely realized the worth of the latest and most effective communication systems, have admired VoIP and some have even completely switched from the conventional telephony to PC telephony software. However, this can be done and VoIP can be taken for granted only if you have a good internet connection at your office or home or laptop.

Is it the right time/choice to switch to VoIP?

If you are still confused if it is the time to switch to VoIP from the traditional phone system, it’s time to stop thinking and take action. Yes! Technology is at its best and waiting for the right time to come may delay your success while your competitors may move ahead. You should, instead, get up and analyze the pros and cons of the latest technology so as to make the right choice at the right time. Switching to a VoIP is easy, but in order to any kind of issues while installing or using the same, you can keep in mind a few things.

• Take a test: Do not make the whole business depend on VoIP at once. First test the service only with a few users. Check if you are satisfied or if the service is successful in meeting your requirements. Thereafter, make a decision on extending the service to all the employees.

• Keep a backup: While VoIP has surfaced as a perfect way to communicate without hassles anytime, anywhere, the same may be a problem when there is a power cut. After all, internet cannot work without power. Thus, you can choose the call forwarding option as a backup. You should ensure that your service is configured in a way that the incoming calls are automatically transferred to a cell phone or landline number.

• Consult someone with expertise: If you are to install and use VoIP service for the very first time and on a large scale, it is recommended to consult an expert.

• Ensure security: Where there is popularity of some network or it has the potential to attract too many users, hackers make a dynamic entry. It seems they keep waiting to grab that opportunity bring a system down. So is what they can do when it comes to VoIP switch. So, once you go for such a system that works only through a network, do not forget to ensure that your network security is up to date and before that, it is there.

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