VOS3000 New Version Available Now


VOS3000 New Version is Available Now.

This new version has alot of good features and most stable & secure version then all older version.

Please check our below link to find all features details


Below are few good reason to switch from older VOS version to new version

Call Transfer Number Pool (Mapping/Routing Gateway)
Bind MySQL to when install
Solve Web server stop after upgrade and cannot start automatically problem
Remove "Callee Transfer Billing Mode" on Phone and Mapping Gateway
Remove "Allow Callee Transfer" on Routing Gateway
Add End Reason filter for CDR query
Add callee rewrite rule for Bind Number
Add Display Number for Bind Number and Active Phone Card
Add Display Caller ID by Callee Prefix
Add Create/Delete/Query Bind Number for Web Interface
Add Supplementary Service Settings for Web Interface
Add Audio Service Settings for Web Interface
Add Call Transfer (Stander/Enquiry/Instead)
Add Precision for time and money prompt
Add Display Number for Phone Card Modify Cluster Synchronization
Add Dynamic Black List for No Answer
Add Protect Route Enhance External Interface
Add Minimum Consumption for Package
Add Email Sender Settings (VOS3000)
Add SIP Message Transmission
UUID Based Most Secure Admin Authentication System.
> Can handle High CPS (800 Call Per second)

> Get best ASR & ACD Report

> Get best result on Call center & Wholesale traffic

> No Offline or Hacking Issue

> Most Stable version ever & much more..


Thank you!


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