!!!vos3000 with asr & lcr //licence vos3000 available for rent and sell!!!

"Hello Voip Provider,

We Provide ORIGINAL/LICENSE VOS3000 WITH ASR & LCR Based Routing, Unlimited Reseller Level and More Billing Reports!

VOS3000 is a Linux based soft switch, designed for carrier-class operations. It’s tested and and proven for its cost-effective operations platform for Global PSTN card operators. With various reports it provides.

We have all the versions:

VOS3000 V2.1.3.2

VOS3000 V2.1.2.6

VOS3000 V2.1.2.4

VOS3000 V2.1.2.0

VOS3000 V2.1.1.8

VOS3000 V2.1.1.5

System characteristics of VOS3000:

1. High stability, support gateway routing redundancy, Individual routing gateway fault, and business has no effect.

2. High capacity. (Specific parameters pictured above)

3. Easy extension, we introduce the value-added business module, Can cooperate system to meet the ever-changing market needs. Such as global card business system, the enterprise operator, etc

4. Detailed reliable billing system, real-time billing, The centralized rate management support tens of thousands of rules to set rates, according to number prefix exact match, Rich pricing strategy, Billing precision of the decimal point seven.

5. Convenient client management: through friendly interface, simple operation and management of the client can easily look for business configuration, real-time monitoring system analysis, performance analysis, operation, maintenance and remote audit function.

6. Flexible routing function can be set according to the routing strategies automatically or manually call-routing designated call-routing.

7. The smooth development end-user, wholesale customers, agents, etc

System Performance

Single server: >= 10,000 concurrent calls

Media forwarding capability: >=4,000 concurrent calls

Call per second: >= 1200CPS (4,320,000BHCA)

Protocol: SIP,H323,HTTP,TCP/UDP

System Features

* For VoIP operators

* Routing by ASR, LCR(least cost routing)

* Gateway group, preset profit rate

* Voice codec priority setting

* Soft switch platform Control

* Support voice, fax and video calls

* Overload protection, load balancing, redundancy backup mechanism

* Card management business, achieve millions of global cards business model with IVR

* Efficient media access transponder modules, media forwarding up to 4000 concurrent calls

* Multi-server distributed placement, centralized management

* Excellent compatibility

* Multi-gateway encryption standard

* Connect analysis, interruption analysis

* Real-time monitoring for Call Performance

* Package features, providing daily, monthly, annual rent and other methods

* Add the phone area code automatically

* Only one number links you

* Value-added business expansion

* Best services and technical support

we also offer RENT= DEDICATED SERVER + VOS3000 with complete features (any VOS3000 versions). For those who have CRACK VERSION we offer you to upgrade to us and we will help you fix the problems you encountered.

Dedicated High Configuration server

Why Purchase From Us ?

? We are giving 100% Guarantee and Security for our all customers.
? Friendly Customer support 24x7x365 ( Over Phone, Email, MSN, Skype & Yahoo Messenger)
? Error Free Software (Our Engineers Continously Work Behind Softwares/Systems)
? Not Only Do We Sale Software But Also Solutions For Your Business Needs
? Highly Experienced Technical team.
? 100% Power Availability.
? 100% Network Uptime.
? No packet loss to our upstream providers
? Premium Bandwidth
? Customer Satisfaction Is Our Main Concern

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Sales Executive

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Website: http://www.kunshinetworks.com
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