Professional VOS3000 Softswitch Server Service just from $ 59

VOS3000Hosting.com, a US based company, the leading of VOIP hosting service provider. We would like to introduce VOS3000 softswitch service, which is useful to all companies or personal that would use the VOS3000 softswitch for wholesale, resellers, calling card with online CDR system.

We offer many service plans which are suitable and competitive price for any business size ( small, medium and large ). We make our customer safe and secured for long time business, we maintain your dedicated server periodically for securities patches, database consistency, backup auto…Without extra charge.

We keep you supported full time via our friendly customer service 24/7 , as soon as you have an issue, just open a ticket to resolve or chat online with us. You are free and no worrying about complex issues which can occur anytime in business process, such as: server security, mistake data correction, database optimization, technical issues…

We make your business valuable time by time without knowing complex knowledge about Linux, just pay for a suitable service plan and we will take care your business, you don’t take time for issues, and high technical employee cost…

We have global data centers located in US, Euro, Asia… Tier-1 network assured & stable, we make you pleased with high voice quality with redundant bandwidth.

If you would like to get a stable & professional softswitch hosting service, please visit our website for more information www.vos3000hosting.com

Our engineers teams are trained well, we have rich experience in VOIP technology, we are always happy to serve your business, as long as you are our valuable customer.

Start with us today at www.vos3000hosting.com

Best regards

Mike Todd
VOS3000Hosting Customer Service, VOIP Solutions Inc.
Email: info@vos3000hosting (+ .com)
Tollfree: 888 296 1012

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