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Live traffic looking for below Africa routes .
211 South Sudan Mobile Ncli
212 Morocco Mobile all Ncli
2135 Algeria Mobile Wataniya Ncli
2136 Algeria Mobile Mobilis Ncli
2137 Algeria Mobile Orascom Ncli
216 Tunisia Mobile all Ncli
218 Libya Mobile almandar Ncli
220 Gambia mobil all Ncli
221 Senegal Mobile Expresso Ncli
221 Senegal Mobile Orange (Filter ) Ncli
221 Senegal Mobile Tigo ( Filter ) Ncli
222 Mauritania all Ncli
223 Mali mobile all Ncli
224 Guinea Mobile Ncli
225 Ivory Coast Mobile all Ncli
227 Niger Mobile all Ncli
228 Togo Mobile Ncli
229 Benin Mobile MTN & MOOV Ncli
231 Liberia Mobile all Ncli
232 Sierra Leone mobile Ncli
233 Ghana Mobile MTN Ncli
234 Nigeria Mobile MTN Ncli
236 Central Africa Mobile Ncli
237 Cameroon Mobile Ncli
238 Cape Verde Mobile Ncli
239 SAO Tome and Principe Ncli
240 Equatorial Guinea Ncli
241 Gabon mobile all Ncli
242 Congo Brazzavilie Mobile all Ncli
243 DRC mobile Airtel Ncli
244 Angola Mobile Unitel Ncli
245 Guinea-Bissau Mobile all Ncli
249 Sudan Mobile Zain Ncli
250 Rwanda Mobile MTN Ncli
252 Somali mobile Ncli
251 Ethiopia all Ncli
254 Kenya Mobile Safaricom Ncli
255 Tanzania all Ncli
260 Zambia Mobile all Ncli
261 Madagascar Telma & Airtel Ncli
265 Malawi Mobile TNM Ncli
265 Malawi Mobile Airtel Ncli
25670 Uganda Mobile Warid Ncli
25675 Uganda Mobile Airtel Ncli

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